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Hexagon Technology's training courses are now available from Flexi Tech Training Limited. The button to the right will take you direct to the Flexi Tech Training Limited website.

Flexi Tech

All hazardous area training offered by Flexi Tech uses Hexagon Technology's training material and presentations and are monitored by Robin Garside.

General Information

Training covers various aspects of hazardous area technology including ATEX, DSEAR, equipment protection concepts, equipment installation, maintenance etc.

Examples of training courses which are regularly provided are listed below. These can be tailored to particular industry or site requirements. The course lengths indicated are typical, but courses of longer or shorter duration can also be arranged.


Introduction to Hazardous Areas

A one day course providing essential information on the main principles of hazardous areas, risks, ignition properties, the different types of protection for electrical apparatus in flammable atmospheres, the essentials of installation requirements, equipment certification, ATEX Directives etc.


Electrical Apparatus and Hazardous Areas: 2 day course

A detailed course which includes information on equipment requirements, installation and maintenance and is supported with practical exercises. Day one of the course covers essential theory, applicable standards, European Directives including ATEX Directives, and information on the different types of protection for hazardous area electrical apparatus (Ex d, e, ia/ib, p, n, etc.). Day two builds on the information of the first day and covers installation, earthing, inspection and maintenance aspects.  A series of practical exercises consolidate the information and make the course highly suitable for those requiring a safe and sound understanding of this subject.


An Assessed Course option is available with this course and courses of greater than 2 days duration. Course assessments normally include monitored practical exercises, verbal questions and a written multiple choice paper.  Those achieving successful assessments will be awarded an Assessed Course Certificate which is recognized as indicating a level of competence.


ATEX Training

Basic Awareness Course

A half day course explaining the requirements of the ATEX Directives both in terms of the importance to equipment manufacturers and to the end user. The procedures for CE Type Examinations and for Conformity Assessment are explained and the implications of the Directive for the safety and health of workers potentially at risk from exposure to flammable atmospheres are considered together with the basic requirements of the DSEAR regulations in the UK.


ATEX and DSEAR 2 Day Course

The Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations (DSEAR) set out overall requirements for the safe operation of sites which use, process or store substances which could give rise to an explosive atmosphere.   DSEAR requires that before first use, a workplace containing hazardous areas shall be verified by a competent person to ensure its overall explosion safety.  This course is aimed at fully explaining how this requirement is satisfied and the various procedures required by the Regulations for hazard assessment and reduction, risk assessment, area classification, mitigation, ignition prevention techniques and practices for both electrical and non electrical equipment.  Equipment made 'on-site' and the continued use of older equipment will also be covered. It is aimed at engineers and senior technical personnel who need to be able to demonstrate competence to carry out the verification process.


For more details or to arrange a training course, please contact Bob Pearce on 01628 630077 or email him at bob@flexitech.co.uk